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The demand for orthopedic surgeons has increased significantly over the last few years, and this demand is expected to increase further. While orthopedic procedures often can improve the quality of a patient’s life, when negligence occurs, the results can be serious and leave patients facing a lifetime of complications. If you or a loved one was impacted by orthopedic malpractice, speak with a seasoned attorney who can make sure that you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Requirements for Orthopedic Surgeons

Orthopedists specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries and disorders that affect a person’s musculoskeletal system. These conditions include fractured or shattered bones as well as torn ligaments and tendons. To make sure that they provide the best possible care, orthopedic surgeons are required to focus many years of their lives on the medical training that is required to perform their job properly. Orthopedic surgeon training almost always involves four to five years of hospital residency. Despite this significant training, there is still a risk that orthopedic surgeons might provide care that falls below the accepted standard of care.

How Orthopedic Procedures can Harm Patients

Many orthopedic procedures are performed without any risk of patients being harmed, but there are several common ways in which patients sustain injuries including:

  • Closing a patient during a surgical procedure while surgical instruments are still located inside of the patient’s body.
  • Cutting off blood flow to the area that surrounds an injury when applying a cast or splint.
  • Failure to diagnose the existences of fractures or shattered bones.
  • Failure to take preventative measures or to respond to complications that result in a patient’s death.
  • Improperly treating a broken bone.
  • Misinterpreting the results of x-rays and imaging scans.
  • Negligently tracking a patient’s progress or risks after a surgical procedure.
  • Performing a procedure on the wrong limb.

Compensation That can be Obtained in Orthopedic Negligence Cases

Creating a strong strategy in a medical malpractice case can present significant difficulties. If it can be established that medical malpractice occurred, victims are often able to obtain compensation for medical costs, emotional suffering, lost wages, and various other types of damages. Victims are often able to support their argument for compensation through various types of evidence including medical records, treatment plans, and witness statements. Our legal counsel can help make sure that you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

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