Massachusetts Pediatrician Malpractice Lawyers

Pediatricians specialize in the medical treatment of infants and children. These medical professionals are required to review a patient’s physical condition and are responsible for various procedures including immunization, ordering diagnostic testing, and prescribing medications. Pediatricians are often the first point of contact in the healthcare of children, which is why medical malpractice committed by these professionals can be particularly harmful.

Common Ways in Which Pediatricians Help Patients

Medical care during a child’s development is critical to making sure that a child grows up as healthy as possible. Some of the most common ways pediatricians help to make sure that a child remains healthy include:

  • Communicating with parents about a child’s health conditions and treatment plans. There are numerous types of injuries that can occur due to inadequate communication between a physician and the parents of a patient.
  • Diagnosing infections and communicable illnesses. Children are at risk of developing infections and contracting illnesses from other children and it is the responsibility of a pediatrician to determine the cause of the condition and provide effective treatment.
  • Identifying and managing the treatment of developmental delay and disorders.
  • Managing chronic conditions to help a patient manage symptoms. Chronic conditions must be considered when providing a patient with a treatment plan.
  • Managing immunizations for conditions like the flu, hepatitis, measles, polio, and tetanus.
  • Performing physical examinations from a child’s birth to development into an adult.
  • Treating injuries and referring children to an appropriate medical specialist if necessary.
  • Working with expecting mothers and ensuring that their gynecologists monitor the health of a child. Failure to promptly observe a medical condition in a child can result in serious complications.

Common Ways in Which Pediatricians Harm Patients

Because pediatricians play an important role in maintaining the health and safety of children, these professionals are much more likely to experience medical malpractice lawsuits than other physicians. Some of the most common ways in which pediatricians can harm patients include:

  • Failure to notice fetal distress
  • Failure to perform appropriate tests in a timely fashion
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist
  • Child Birth Injuries during or after birth
  • Medication errors
  • Misdiagnosing test results

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