What Is Blunt Pelvic Trauma Or A Pelvic Fracture?

The pelvic region is the lower part of the trunk of the human body between the abdomen and the thighs. Reproductive organs, the end of the digestive tract and the pelvic skeleton are found here. The pelvis itself is a collection of bones that include the hip bones, sacrum and the coccyx. The hip bone is made up of three bones – the ilium, ischium and pubis. As humans age, the hip bones fuse together. A pelvis fracture, oftentimes a direct result of blunt trauma, is a break in one or more of the bones that makeup the pelvis.

What Causes Blunt Pelvic Trauma Or A Pelvic Fracture?

Blunt trauma injuries to the pelvic region because of a fallmotor vehicle accident, motorcycle accidentbicycle accident or a pedestrian being struck by a car, motorcycle or bike are some causes of pelvic fractures. Because the pelvis has many parts, injury in one location often results in an injury to another location.

What Are The Symptoms Of Blunt Pelvic Trauma Or A Pelvic Fracture?

Pain and tenderness in the pelvic bone area are the most common symptoms of a pelvis fracture. Bruising and swelling over the pelvic bones along with numbness or tingling in the genital area or upper thighs also occurs in some victims. Almost all victims complain of discomfort or pain when sitting, standing, walking, or having a bowel movement.

How Is A Blunt Pelvic Trauma Or Pelvic Fracture Diagnosed?

Pelvic fractures are stable or unstable.

  • Stable fractures mean the pelvis has one break, there is limited bleeding, and the bones for the most part stay in place.
  • Unstable fractures are injuries that involve two or more breaks in the pelvic ring with moderate to severe bleeding. The fracture can be open (skin breaks) or closed (no break to the skin). Medical professionals perform a clinical examination and order x-rays and CT scans to confirm the diagnosis and identify number and location of fractures.

How Is Blunt Pelvic Trauma Or A Pelvic Fracture Treated?

Treatment depends on the severity of the injuries and can range from bed rest to surgery. Secondary symptoms that may not be readily visible include internal bleeding or damage to internal organs. These types of injuries involve surgery and lengthy physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Compensation For Blunt Pelvic Trauma Or A Pelvic Fracture

If you have experienced a pelvic fracture after a traumatic incident or a car crash, you may have injured your pelvis. Make sure you are examined and diagnosed by a medical doctor immediately. You may be able to pursue compensation for damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent injury or disability, costs of physical therapy and rehabilitation, lost wages from missed work, diminished earning capacity, mental anguish and emotional distress, punitive damages, and/or property damage or loss.

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