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Scars on the hands, neck or face serve as a constant reminder of an accident and often conjure up memories of the traumatic event that caused them. They can also have a serious effect on a person’s self-image and self-esteem and quality of life.

Scars are caused by many different kinds of accidents. Dog bitesburn accidentsmotor vehicle accidentsslip and fall accidents, and premises liability accidents are but a few of the types of accidents that are capable of producing scars.

Several factors are considered in determining the value of a scar in a personal injury case:

  • Age: The age of the person. The damage for scarring of a young person is far greater than for an older person because the younger person is forced to live more years with the scar;
  • Sex: It is recognized that scars on a female are more objectionable than on a male;
  • Appearance and Location: If the scar is located on a portion of the body exposed and not easily covered by clothing like the face, neck or hands, it requires greater compensation than if it was located on a part of the body that is normally covered up by hair of clothes;
  • Marital Status: An unmarried person with a visible scar is likely to suffer greater anxieties than a married person, and scars may affect his or her opportunities for marriage;
  • Embarrassment: Humiliation, shame and embarrassment from scarring are oftentimes considered in assessing damages.

If You Suffered A Severe Or Disfiguring Scar In An Accident Or Due To Medical Malpractice, Call For A Free Legal Consultation With An Experienced Attorney

Improper medical care can lead to more severe scarring or cause minor insignificant cuts and lacerations to turn into scars. Medical providers can recommend a wait and see course of medical treatment that may put off dealing with a scar before it is too late. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay for or permit aggressive treatment that can minimize a scar or prevent a scar from developing. Our attorneys understand that you want and need the best course medical treatment that is going to give you the best chance for a full recovery.

For the last thirty years our personal injury lawyers have been getting our clients the medical care and treatment they are entitled to. You didn’t cause your accident and injuries so why should you be deprived of medical treatment that can give you the best chances for a full recovery.

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