Nail Guns Can Become a Deadly Weapon

Nail gun injury claims and litigation have skyrocketed over the last several decades. Nail guns are one of the most used tools in the construction industry because they are effective, easy to use and speed up production. You can also find these tools in residential garages all over the country as they have become readily available to average consumers and do-it-yourselfers over the last few years.

These are powerful tools and in the wrong hands they can become a deadly weapon. Some nail guns are able to fire 9 nails per second and others can shoot nails at speeds upwards of 1,400 feet per second. The increased usage of nail guns and potentially dangerous nature of this tool combine to cause numerous injuries every year.

Nail Gun Accident Victim Statistics Are on the Rise

In 2005 the Center for Disease Control released a study on nail gun related injuries. The study, which looked at 5 years of nail gun-related injury data, revealed some unsettling facts about nail guns. The study found that every year at least 37,000 people went to hospital emergency departments to treat nail gun-related injuries. 14,800 of those 37,000 injured were consumer, non-professional, do-it-yourself users. Nail gun injuries to this consumer group had more than tripled from 4,200 in 1991.

  • How Nail Gun Injuries Occur
  • Nail Gun Sideways Discharge Accident
  • Product Liability, Design Defect and The Sequential Trigger
  • Product Liability Failure to Warn
  • Eye Injuries, Hand Injuries and Puncture Wounds
  • Injury to Bystanders

Nail gun accidents occur for a variety of reasons and injuries can happen regardless of the user or the type of gun because of design and manufacturing defects or the negligence of the person operating the tool.

Nail Gun Injuries

Two-thirds of all nail gun injuries result in some sort of puncture wound to the hands or fingers. The lower body is the second most injured part of the body as it comprises nearly a quarter of all injuries. The most common parts of the lower extremity to sustain injuries are the thighs, shins, feet and knees.

Types of Nail Guns

  • Pneumatic Nail Gun: The most used model for light and heavy construction jobs. Very powerful. It is hooked up to an air compressor and uses compressed air to drive nails.
  • Spring-driven Nail Gun: Springs in the barrel of the gun compress and then release when the hammer is dropped.
  • Electromagnetic Nail Gun: The electromagnetic Nail Gun uses what are known as rail gun principles in order to accelerate a nail to a set speed before firing the nail into a surface.
  • Explosive Nail Gun: Pressure from a small gas explosion in the combustion chamber drivers the nail into the intended surface. These guns are used when trying to nail into very hard surfaces.

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We have a proven track record with over 35 years of legal experience.

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