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A motorized scooter is defined as a two-wheeled or three-wheeled device that has handlebars, can be operated from a standing or seated position and is powered by a gas or electric motor.

Motorized scooters are not the same as Mopeds. The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles doesn’t consider motorized scooters to be motor vehicles (Mini-motorcycles are classified as motorized scooters). As a result, the Massachusetts RMV does not require motorized scooters to be registered. However, even though motor scooters aren’t motor vehicles they still have to follow certain traffic and roadway rules:

  • They cannot be operated at speeds greater than 20 mph.
  • Cannot be ridden on state highways or limited access roadways.
  • Operators cannot carry passengers.
  • Operators must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit.
  • Operators must keep to the right side of public ways at all times, including when passing a motor vehicle.
  • Operators must signal before stopping or turning.
  • Operators must wear a safety helmet.
  • Operators must follow all state traffic laws and regulations

These regulations are put in place to protect motorized scooter operators who mainly consist of young adults and adolescents. However, these regulations can only do so much to protect a motor scooter operator from negligent or careless truck or car operators. Motor scooters are very small and are easily obscured by vehicles, buildings, trees and bushes. Often time’s cars and trucks don’t notice motor scooters before it is too late. A distracted car or truck driver that isn’t on the lookout is even more prone to collide with a motor scooter. Unfortunately an accident between a motorized scooter weighing around 75 to 100lbs and a car weighting 4,500 lbs. or a truck weighing 7,500 lbs. often results in catastrophic injuries.

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