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Tendons, ligaments and muscles are almost always injured in car, truck or motorcycle accidents. Sprains and sprains are considered soft-tissue injuries. These soft tissue injuries can cause pain to linger weeks or months after an accident.

These soft tissue sprain and strain injuries are not visible on an X-ray or MRI like other injuries yet they can cause serious and debilitating pain in the days, weeks or months following an accident. If these injuries are not treated with physical therapy or other soft tissue therapy they can turn into a chronic condition resulting in months or years of pain and functional limitations.

Unfortunately, most emergency room physicians have the same approach when an accident victim exhibiting lumbar strain or sprain symptoms is presented to them in the emergency room. Most of the time they will give a standard X-ray to insure the victim hasn’t suffered a bone or vertebral fracture. If the patient is cleared of fractures but complains of symptoms of a lumbar sprain or strain the doctor will usually do little more than prescribed an anti-inflammatory like Motrin or ibuprofen, a muscle relaxer like Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) or a ten day supply of pain-killers. They will then advise the victim to stay off their feet or refrain from strenuous activity. This rest and recovery approach is often counterproductive. When strained and sprained muscles heal they leave scar tissue which leaves the muscle weaker and less flexible and therefore prone to getting re-injured. Soft tissue therapy in the form of physical therapy, elecrotimulation (E-stim), ultra sounds, and light stretching and strength training helps breakdown the left over scare tissue and restore muscle strength and flexibility.

Lumbar Back Strain

This condition involves overstretching the tendons and/or muscles in the lower lumbar back. If the pain, limited range of motion or any other symptoms last for more than three months the injury will be designated as a chronic condition or a chronic lumbar strain. Symptoms of a lower lumbar back strain include limited range of motion when bending or twisting at the hips, sore or aching back especially in the morning after getting out of bed or at the end of the day, muscle spasms and pain that radiates into the buttocks/groin/thighs.

Lumbar Back Sprain

This condition involves ligament damage in the lower lumbar back. Car accidents can over stretch or tear the ligaments in the lower back. Symptoms of a lumbar sprain are: sharp or aching lower back pain, lower back swelling or bruising, lower back stiffness/weakness/tenderness.  Sudden flare-ups of severe pain, loss of mobility or flexibility or complete muscle weakness are indicators of a severe sprain for which immediate medical attention should be sought.

You May Be Entitled To Compensation For Your Injuries

Serious back injuries can require ongoing medical treatment years into the future. A long lasting back injury can result in large ongoing medical expenses, chronic pain, missed work and loss of income. Back injury claims and litigation are highly complex and usually take a very long time to resolve. To receive compensation for your past and future lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering you will need an injury lawyer that is familiar with back injury law and the back injury claims process.

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