Massachusetts Trash Truck Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys

Garbage, Trash and Recycling collection trucks provide an invaluable service to the residents of the various local communities in Massachusetts. Although it doesn’t seem like it, a rather large number of truck accidents occur every year in Massachusetts due to the negligence or carelessness or trash/garbage, recycling and waste management truck drivers.

If you or your child has been involved in a garbage truck accident and suffered personal injuries as a result then you want to speak with one of our Massachusetts trash truck accident attorneys. Our attorneys will meet with you to discuss the details of your case and will present you with all your legal options.

Reasons Garbage Truck Accidents Occur

On a day-to-day basis the waste management industry operators in circumstances and surroundings that are different from what any other trucking industry deals with. Most trucking transportation businesses don’t operate in suburban residential areas and neighborhoods but the trash collection industry operates in these suburban type settings every day. Trash trucks operating in these suburban residential areas frequently encounter children, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Truck or garbage collection trucks make frequent stops on their routes. A trash truck operator may stop his truck hundreds of times each shift. Over and over these operators are stopping and starting, and getting out of their trucks to physically remove residents’ trash from their trash cans and receptacles. Often times garbage truck drivers will get distracted over the course of their collection route. A distracted or careless garbage collector working on narrow suburban and city roads and operating a large trash truck that has many blindspots and lacks maneuverability is prone to getting into sideswipe accidents, intersection accidents, rear end accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents.

Know your Rights: Talk With An Experienced Brockton Garbage Truck Accident Lawyer For Free

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with Garbage or recycling truck and need to know your legal rights then call our Massachusetts trash truck crash lawyers today. With offices conveniently located in Brockton, Quincy and Taunton we are a personal injury firm that conveniently represents all the residents from southeast Massachusetts.