Accidents and Injuries Involving OSHA Violations

Created in 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) was designed to protect the rights of workers by making sure that work environments are safe for workers. Enforcement of these OSHA safety regulations is overseen by OSHA, which is a government agency. OSHA performs worksite inspections and identifies safety violations and enforces safety regulations by issuing violating parties citations, fines and penalties for unsafe practices. When workers are harmed due to OSHA violations, skilled legal counsel might be necessary to document and prove that an employer, general contractor or sub-contractor failed to comply with safety regulations. If you or a loved one is a worker who has been harmed due to an OSHA violation, you should not hesitate to obtain the assistance of a work accident attorney.

What OSHA Requires of Employers

OSHA has established safety requirements for practically every type of job and profession. However, most OSHA regulations deal with the construction industry. These regulations continue to change as technology advances and industries evolve. Employers must notify their employees and workers of their rights under OSHA.

OSHA requires employers and contractors to monitor air quality and not expose workers to the health and safety hazards of loud noises. OSHA requires employers to notify workers about dangers in the workplace and provide information to employees about OSHA requirements on request. If an employee sustains a work injury and believes that an employer violated an OSHA regulation that worker should obtain the assistance of a skilled work accident attorney who is familiar with OSHA policies and can make sure the employer is held accountable for any violations.

The Rights of Workers Under OSHA

Workers have several important rights under OSHA. One right is the right to a safe workplace. Workers also have the right to stop work if any safety hazards are found, in violation of OSHA. Workers also have the right to be informed about any hazardous materials in the workplace. Workers also have the right to report an employer’s violations to the government without fear of being terminated or retaliated against.

What to do if an OSHA Violation is Suspected

You can report an employer to OSHA If you believed that an employer violated OSHA regulations. Union workers might also decide to speak with a union representative who can help determine if a violation has occurred. If workers still suspect an abuse, an inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can be requested. To assist in deciding whether an employer has committed an OSHA violation, an experienced attorney can obtain records and evaluate the situation to determine the best way in which to respond.

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