Saws are a vital part of the carpentry and construction business. However, these pieces of equipment can result in serious physical injuries and even fatalities for workers.

While workers are advised to follow safety guidelines, accidents still happen. Due to the high risk of these accidents, Massachusetts employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance in order to provide benefits to injured employees.

Some of the most common injuries involving saw accidents include finger and hand amputations, eye injuries, lacerations, and in the worst cases even fatalities. Saw accidents occur for a variety of reasons and most deal with the following:

  • Design or Manufacturing Defects. Defects can exist in the original design of the product so that any saw produced by the manufacturer is defective and dangerous. Second, a defect might have occurred in the manufacturing process which can result in the production of only a few defective saw being defective. Third, a manufacturer might fail to adequately warn consumers about the dangers associated with the use of a saw.
  • Improper Training. Workers who are not sufficiently trained on how to use a saw are at a greater risk of being seriously injured by a saw.
  • The Kickback. One of the most common ways in which saw accidents occur involve the kickback. Kickback refers to when a saw blade catches wood and throws the wood back towards the operator. These saw kickback accidents have the potential to include serious injuries and even prove fatal.
  • Removing Safety Guards from a Saw. Saw guards to provide protection but they can also reduce the efficiency of the saw. Poorly designed table saw guards can make it difficult or impossible to perform routine cutting. Employers and workers are often frustrated with constantly aligning and adjusting the poorly designed guards that they simply remove the guards in order to allow for easier use. Most guards are difficult or impossible to reattach once they have been removed.

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Major Saw Manufacturers and Accidents

Saws are produced by several manufacturers including Bosch, Craftsman, Delta, DeWalt, Grizzly, Kwikset, Makita, Ryobi, Sears, Skil, and Woodcraft. Each year, there are a number of accidents involving saws. Some of the most recent examples of these accidents include:

  • In 2015, a worker at a Cordova company lost three fingers when the worker’s hand became caught in a table saw. The Occupational Safety and Health Association found that the company in question failed to adequately follow safety practices.
  • In 2017, a woman in Massachusetts was flown to Boston Medical Center after an accident with a table saw.

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