Workers’ Compensation Benefits are available for Nurses, RNs, CNAs, VNAs that have sustained a work injury. If you were injured on the job our lawyers can help you get the full benefits you deserve.

Many people fail to appreciate how much stress and strain a career in nursing puts on the body. Nurses typically spend their entire shift on their feet. Oftentimes nurses need to help patients in and out of bed, wheelchairs and the shower. Lifting patients and helping them re-position their bodies puts a tremendous amount of stress on the neck and back. Because of this, most nurses develop chronic cervical and lumbar spine/lower back conditions over the course of their careers.

Common Reasons Nurses Are Injured on the Job

There are a variety of ways in which nursing accidents can occur including the following ways:

  • Injuries caused by violence at the job site from patients or the family of patients;
  • Lifting heavy objects or patients;
  • Needle sticks from drawing blood or administering medication to a patient;
  • Overexertion due to bending one’s body in an unusual position;
  • Slip and fall accidents due to failure to clean up a liquid.

Types of Injuries

There are some common types of injuries nurses faces due to accidents that occur on the job. Some of these injuries include the following:

  • Ankle, foot, and knee injuries
  • Back injuries including herniated disks
  • Bloodborne diseases
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Anxiety
  • Strains and muscles tears. Special note should be made that this category includes the largest number of injuries incurred by nurses in the profession
  • Arthritis and tendonitis

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To avoid these accidents, nurses should follow some recommended safety precautions which include the following:

  • Follow Proper Needle Stick Behavior. This type of activity includes recapping needles and using needle-less connection systems.
  • Implement Good Body Mechanics. Nurses should avoid positioning their bodies in ways that could cause accidents. Some of the situations where nurses use poor body posture include when elevating a patient’s bed.
  • Practice Good Hand Washing Hygiene. This safety tip can decrease the risk of a nurse becoming sick due to exposure to diseases.
  • Use Equipment To Lift Patients. Nurses should  never manually lift a patient if equipment is available because this type of activity has the great potential to cause injuries especial to the neck and lower back
  • Wear Adequate Safety Equipment. Nurses should always make sure to wear appropriate gloves, gowns, masks, eye protection, and other items to prevent direct contact with a patient’s body fluid which can result in the nurse contracting very serious illnesses.

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