Our clients come from all backgrounds and demographics and need a criminal defense attorney for various reasons.  We have helped fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands and minor children.

We have helped professionals whose jobs were at stake and high school students who were trying to get into college.

Our clients and their reasons for hiring us are all unique, but they do have one thing common — all our clients’ matter to us and so does their future.

Attorney Gerald J. Noonan founded The Noonan Defense Firm after serving the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for many years as an Assistant District Attorney. Throughout his prosecutorial career, Attorney Noonan argued and tried hundreds of criminal cases including homicide, attempted murder, arson, rape, armed robbery, drug crimes, driving under the influence and cases involving many other serious criminal offenses.

As a criminal defense attorney, Gerald J. Noonan has over 340 successful criminal trials. Attorney Noonan knows the legal strategies and tactics both law enforcement and district attorneys use when trying to get criminal convictions. He has criminal trial experience on both sides of a criminal case, which is invaluable when you are looking for an attorney to represent you.

Our law firm represents and defends individuals arrested and charged with felonies and misdemeanors, federal crimes, juvenile crimes, and can assist with expungement of criminal records (record sealing.)  To learn more about how we have helped others, we invite you to browse or case results below, and read our CLIENT REVIEWS.

The following are case results for some of the many clients we have helped throughout our criminal defense career.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $30,000

On October 25, 2012, Client was a front seat passenger in a vehicle involved in a T-bone collision whereupon the airbag deployed striking her left hand and fracturing her left pinkie finger.

Case Results: Attorney Patrick J. Noonan settled the bodily claim for the policy limit of $20,000 and pursued a claim against the under-insurance carrier and recovered an additional $10,000, making the total settlement amount $30,000.

Pedestrian v. Motor Vehicle – $30,000

In 2015 a mother and daughter were hit by a motor vehicle while walking in a crosswalk.

Case Results: Attorney Brendan J. Noonan settled the mother’s claim for $20,000 and the daughter’s claim for $10,000, making the total settlement amount $30,000.

School Bus Accident – $30,000

On November 26, 2013, Client, a five-year-old, was traveling as a passenger on a school bus on the way home from Elementary School. She was sitting in the very first seat on the passenger side of the bus. A partition was in front of her bus seat separating the bus seat from the steps. The bus driver struck a bump in the road launching the client into the air and over the partition causing her to land face-first on the steps to the bus. The insurance company contested liability claiming that the client had been standing on her seat and was told to sit down by the bus driver prior to the accident. Several student-witnesses who were riding the bus that day were interviewed. One witness stated that she observed the client kneeling on the seat (not standing on the seat) when the incident occurred. Another witness stated that the client was not standing on her seat when the incident occurred. Several student-witnesses stated that they would encourage the bus driver to speed over a specific bump in the road so that the students could bounce in the air. On this occasion, the bus driver sped over the bump at the request of children resulting in the injuries to the client. In addition, Attorney Noonan learned that the bus driver had been involved in several other accidents prior. Specifically, Attorney Noonan learned that the bus driver struck a telephone pole and later struck another pole shattering some of the windows on the school bus causing some students to sustain minor cuts from the glass. As a result of the accident, client sustained a mild concussion and a laceration to the face, which required two sutures. The client only incurred $1,724 in medical expenses.

Case Results: Attorney Brendan J. Noonan settled the claim against the bus company for $30,000. Attorney Noonan setup a 529 College Savings Plan and deposited the settlement into the fund.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $31,000

Client involved in motor vehicle accident sustained low back injury.

Case Results: Attorney Brendan J. Noonan secures a $31,000 settlement.

Slip and Fall – $31,000

Client  tripped over an obstruction (crevice / hole) in a gas station parking lot causing him to land on the pavement and sustain cuts / lacerations to his face and deep bruising to his chest. Client declined an ambulance and did not present to the emergency room. Attorney Brendan J. Noonan proceeded against the Construction Company responsible for creating the unreasonably dangerous condition in the parking lot and collected a settlement of $21,000.Thereafter, Attorney Brendan J. Noonan proceeded against the owner of the parking lot on the theory that the Gas Station had knowledge of the unreasonably dangerous condition (not readily obvious to unsuspecting patrons) and failed to take any steps to remedy it or warn it’s patrons.

Case Results: As a result, Attorney Brendan J. Noonan collected an additional settlement of $10,000 from the Parking Lot making the total overall settlement $31,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $35,000

On November 4, 2011, Client and his wife were traveling on the highway then they struck a disabled motorist in the left-hand travel lane. The insurance company initially denied liability claiming that the Client had the opportunity to avoid the collision and failed to do so. Client sustained a cardiac contusion. Client’s treatment consisted of one visit to the emergency room. Client’s wife sustained minor injuries (contusion from seatbelt). Wife’s treatment consisted of one visit to the emergency room.

Case Results: Attorney Patrick J. Noonan settled the claim for $30,000 and collected an additional $5,000 from the under-insurance carrier totaling $35,000.

Pedestrian vs. Motor Vehicle – $39,000

On October 2, 2012, Client was jogging across a crosswalk when he was struck by a vehicle proceeding through a green light. The insurance company denied liability because the Client told the ambulance that the traffic light was green and he shouldn’t have crossed the street. Client sustained a fracture to the greater tuberosity of the proximal humerus.

Case Results: Attorney Patrick J. Noonan settled the case for $39,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident – $40,000

On April 17, 2012, Client was struck by another vehicle crossing through an intersection against a red traffic light. Client sustained a concussion and purely soft tissue injuries including, cervical strain and a lumbar strain. Attorney Patrick J. Noonan settled for the policy limit of $20,000 with the bodily injury carrier.

Case Results: Attorney Patrick J. Noonan pursued a claim against the under-insurance carrier and was awarded an additional $20,000 at the Arbitration making the total combined settlement $40,000.

Motorcycle Accident – $48,000

On July 14, 2012, Client was traveling on his motorcycle in the process of making a left-hand turn when a vehicle cut in front of him causing him to drop his motorcycle. Initially, the insurance company denied liability claiming that it’s insured had the right-of-way and the client was negligent in making a left-hand turn without yielding the right-of-way to oncoming traffic. Client sustained road rash from the accident.

Case Results: Attorney Patrick J. Noonan settled the case for $48,000.

Motorcycle Accident – $50,000

On July 28, 2015 Client was involved in Motorcycle accident and suffered a concussion.

Case Results: Attorney Brendan J. Noonan settled the case for $50,000.

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