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In order to find a defendant guilty of wantonly or recklessly permitting bodily injury to a child under 14 causing bodily injury the prosecution must prove four elements beyond a reasonable doubt.

  1. The defendant exercised care or custody over the child;
  2. The child was under the age 14;
  3. The child suffered bodily injury;
  4. The wanton or reckless conduct of the defendant caused the child injury

“Bodily injury” includes any of the following injuries: burns, bone fractures, trauma-related injuries to the organs including the skin.

Persons with Care and Custody

A “person having care and custody” of a child is a parent, guardian, or an employee of a home, school or institution that has the same responsibilities supervision or care that a parent has regardless of whether that supervision or care is temporary.

The courts have found that a defendant living with a mother and her children who assumed childcare responsibilities was a persona having “care and custody,” despite the fact that he was not the children’s legal guardian or father.

What is Wanton or Reckless Conduct?

A court found a mother guilty of wantonly or recklessly permitting substantial bodily injury to a 10-month-old infant when she left the infant in a bathtub alone for three minutes while she answered a telephone call. Bath water filled the infants lungs while the mother was away answering the phone preventing the infant from breathing, preventing oxygen from reaching the child’s brain.

A court found a mother guilty of wantonly or recklessly permitting substantial bodily injury to a 13-year-old daughter, where the mother didn’t get her daughter medical attention until she was close to death even though the daughter got sick, stopped eating, lost thirty-four pounds, had a swollen stomach, couldn’t walk to bathroom and was forced to wear diapers.

Charged With Wantonly or Recklessly Permitting Bodily Injury to a Child Under 14?

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