About Larceny by Stealing in a Building

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In the state of Massachusetts, the crime of  “larceny by stealing in a building” differs fundamentally from armed or unarmed burglary:

  • Charges of armed or unarmed burglary apply mostly to private homes and apartments, as well as office buildings, boats, cars, etc.
  • A charge of larceny by stealing in a building can be leveled only when you’ve been accused of stealing property from a non-residential building or vessel, including ships, motor vehicles and even railroad cars.

A retail store may not technically count as a building; larceny from an open store will usually be charged as a different crime, shoplifting.

Another important distinction about larceny by stealing in a building is that it applies only to property that has been placed in the building for safe keeping, and not to theft from a person inside that building (which would ordinarily be charged as larceny by stealing from a person).

Simple larceny is distinguished by amounts or property values stolen that are under $250 (a misdemeanor) and over $250 (a felony) — but larceny by stealing from a building counts as a felony no matter the value of the goods taken is, and is punishable by up to five years in state prison.

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