What You Need To Know About Outstanding Warrants

A bench warrant is an order written by a Judge or Clerk magistrate that informs law enforcement officials to arrest the defendant on site so he or she can be brought back to the Massachusetts court that issued the arrest warrant. Once a warrant is issued it will be entered into a nationwide data base. All police departments across the country have access to this database. Any police officer in the United States will know about your warrant when they run your name in the database.

Police usually do not search for people with outstanding bench warrants but they will arrest you if you have an encounter with police and they run your name in the database and see you have an in-state warrant or an out-of-state warrant. A simple traffic stop for a minor moving vehicle violation like speeding or failing to stop at a red light could lead to your arrest and transportation back the Massachusetts court that issued the warrant.

Most Massachusetts arrest warrants are issued for failure to appear in court, failure to appear at an arraignment, failure to pay child support or violation of a restraining order. It is very common for someone visiting Massachusetts to go back to their home state without even knowing an arrest warrant has been issued against them. It is also common for a Massachusetts resident to move to another state without even knowing about an active Massachusetts arrest warrant. Court documents are usually mailed to your last known address and if you moved before the documents were delivered then you would not have any reason to know an arrest warrant was issued against you.

Oftentimes our clients first learn of the arrest warrant several years later when they go to renew their drivers license. Anyone with a bench warrant, default warrant or arrest warrant of any kind cannot renew their license until the warrant has been removed from the system. Even a none-Massachusetts resident that lives in another state wont be able renew their license in their own state if they have an active Massachusetts warrant.

Our Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers have removed numerous outstanding arrest warrants for Massachusetts residents and out-of-state residents. Please review some of our case results and then call our Boston Criminal Defense Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

Some Arrest Warrant Case Results

Open Warrant for Larceny Removed and Charges Dismissed
Commonwealth v. V.L.
Westborough District Court

In 2002, Walmart filed an application for criminal complaint against the Defendant alleging that he wrote a check, which subsequently bounced. The Defendant was unaware of the criminal charge and he remained in default status with the criminal charge open for 11 years. Defendant became aware of the criminal charge while he was obtaining top secret clearance as a military intelligence officer for the United States Army.

Upon learning of the open charge, the client contacted Attorney Patrick J. Noonan. In his Motion to Remove the Outstanding Massachusetts Arrest Warrant  and Dismiss the Case, Attorney Patrick J. Noonan presented evidence that his client paid the monies to Walmart in satisfaction of the debt. Attorney Noonan argued that the debt was never removed the debt collection firm because they closed their business amidst several lawsuits.

Attorney Patrick J. Noonan’s Motion to Dismiss was allowed and client may proceed with his job promotion at the US Army Reserve, which was postponed until the criminal matter was resolved.

Open Arrest Warrant for Larceny Removed
Commonwealth v. R.K.
Quincy District Court & Somerville District Court

Client, 50 year-old small business owner and father of five, had eight Open Massachusetts Warrants on eight criminal offenses from two different courts dating back to the late 1980s. Client moved to Washington got married, had five children, and established his own business. Upon learning of the active warrants, client contacted Attorney Patrick J. Noonan. Attorney Patrick J. Noonan removes all active warrants and dismisses all six criminal charges outright.

Arrest Warrant for Possession with Intent to Distribute Removed and Charges Dismissed
Commonwealth v. V.C.
Stoughton District Court

New Jersey resident was  driving a motor vehicle without a driver’s license and was pulled over for speeding. Police searched the vehicle with the Defendant’s consent and recovered one packet of marijuana, six small packets of marijuana, twelve zip lock baggies, an empty vile, and two condoms. Defendant was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute (felony). After his arrested in Massachusetts and return to home in New Jersey. The client learned that an bench warrant was issued ten years later when he went to renew his drivers license in New Jersey.

Attorney Patrick J. Noonan removed the Open Massachusetts Arrest Warrant and requesting production of the certificate of analysis for the alleged substance as well as access / inspection of the alleged substance. The Commonwealth was unable to locate the alleged substance and the Commonwealth was unable to confirm whether the alleged substance was sent to the crime lab for analysis.

Outstanding Arrest Warrant for Larceny By Check Removed and Charges Dismissed
Commonwealth v. D.B.
Woburn District Court

The Client, a resident of Michigan, was in Massachusetts on business and he went to the Staples Store in Woburn. Client wrote 5 checks to purchase gift cards. The 5 checks were all for amounts of around $100.00. After completing the transactions, the store manager approached the Defendant to speak to him about the checks but the Defendant fled the store. The store manager was able to get the license plate of the defendant’s vehicle, as it fled the store. An investigation by Woburn Police revealed that the Defendant forged a false name on the checks. Police located the Defendant in Michigan where he was currently on probation for committing similar larcenies and forgeries. A Massachusetts Bench Warrant was issued

The defendant called our offices and retained Attorney Gerald J. Noonan who contacted the District Attorney’s Office and was able to reach an agreement where the Commonwealth would agree to drop all charges and removed the Outstanding Massachusetts Warrants so long as the Defendant paid Staples restitution. Attorney Gerald J. Noonan provided the District Attorney with proof that his client paid Staples the restitution they were owed. The Commonwealth dropped all charges and the Defendant did not even have to appear in court.

Outstanding Warrant for Larceny Theft Removed and Charges Dismissed
Commonwealth v. B.M.
Brockton District Court

Client was alleged to have written a check in the amount of $136.00 to pay for groceries. The check was returned due to the account being closed. The grocery store filed an application for criminal complaint for larceny by check. Defendant did not receive notice of the criminal complaint, as he moved to a different address. As a result, a Massachusetts default arrest warrant issued. Several years later, Defendant was arrested on the warrant and arraigned in court on the Larceny by Check charge. After his arraignment, client contacted Attorney Patrick J. Noonan. At his first court appearance, Attorney Patrick J. Noonan was able to dismiss the Larceny by Check charge by agreement of all the parties.

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