Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyers For Failure to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism

A pulmonary embolism occurs when a blood clot travels from one part of a person’s body and blocks an artery located in the lungs. Some of the most common signs that a person has a pulmonary embolism include chest pain, dizziness, labored breathing, leg pain, and a persistent cough. Not all patients with pulmonary embolisms, however, experience the same conditions. At The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan, our legal counsel has significant experience helping people who have been impacted by medical malpractice.

Causes of Pulmonary Embolism Misdiagnosis

There are several causes of misdiagnoses of pulmonary embolisms. In some cases, a medical provider mistakes the condition for another, less serious condition. As a result, the condition can grow worse and lead to a person’s death. There are several risk factors that greatly increase the chances that a person will experience a pulmonary embolism, which include cancer, having undergone surgery lasting more than two hours, recent period of prolonged immobilization, dehydration, a history of smoking, supplemental estrogen treatments, patients with heart disease, and women who are pregnant.

The Standard of Care in Pulmonary Embolism Cases

To establish a medical malpractice case, your attorney must prove your medical professional deviated from the accepted standard of care. Most medical providers are expected to immediately recognize the condition, obtain image studies to support the diagnosis, then administer an anticoagulant like coumadin or heparin, and then closely monitor the patient.

Compensation for Injuries for a Failure to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism

Victims of medical malpractice are frequently able to obtain compensation for several types of damages. This compensation is designed to help the patient return to the condition that they would have been in if medical malpractice had not occurred. Damages can be either economic or non-economic in nature. Economic damages include things like medical costs and lost income while non-economic damages include pain and suffering.

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