Pharmacy Medication Errors are Preventable Mistakes

WalgreensWalgreens Rt 1 South Saugus MassachusettsWalgreens Rt 1 South Saugus Massachusetts is the second largest retail pharmacy in the United States with over 8,000 stores. There are over 160 Walgreens stores in Massachusetts. In 2017 Walgreens pharmacies filled 990 million prescriptions. 1.5 million people are injured every year because of medications errors.

Prescription medication errors are common given the size of Walgreens operation and the number of prescriptions it fills on daily bias. All too often people are provided medication that was intended for other customers, or prescriptions containing the incorrect drug or dosage. In most cases involving pharmacy medication errors customers end up taking the incorrect prescription for several weeks or months unknowingly. Taking the wrong medication for prolonged periods of time can result in potentially deadly consequences.

Pharmacy negligence resulting in incorrectly filling prescriptions has many causes, but virtually all medication errors are preventable mistakes.

The following are a some of the issues involved in pharmacy medication injuries:

  • Customer receives the wrong medication when he or she receives medication that was intended for another customers;
  • The pharmacy failed to recognize the a new prescription adversely interacts with a medication the customers is currently taking;
  • The customer was given the correct medication but incorrect dose;
  • The customer was given the correct medication, correct dose, but the pharmacy put the incorrect instructions on the label;
  • The pharmacy dispensed the wrong medication because of confusion between similar sounding drugs (i.e. hydralazine and hydroxyzine);
  • An allergic reaction occurs because the pharmacy failed to confirm the patient was not allergic to the drug prescribed;
  • The pharmacy failed to properly train pharmacy staff;
  • The pharmacy failed to devise and implement appropriate quality control measures;
  • The pharmacy reduced staff in an effort to cut costs and this understaffing resulted in a pharmacy error

The examples listed above are just some of the many ways pharmacy medication accidents occur. All pharmacy errors are avoidable if adequate quality control measures and safety procedures are implemented and followed by staff.  Problems can arise when pharmacy staff deviate from these safety procedures and cut corners because they are understaffed, are overwhelmed with too much work, are subjected to unreasonable time constraints, are overtired, or have to deal with too many interruptions.

The most minor prescription medication mistake can result in a loss of life. It is reasonable for customers to expect that their pharmacy is taking every possible precaution to prevent avoidable pharmacy errors. When pharmacies violate this trust and their duty to their customers it is important to hold them responsible.

Our attorneys have a history of handling medical malpractice cases on behalf of clients that are injured by negligent medical providers that fail to exercise reasonable care. When prescription drug mistakes cause medication injuries our experienced pharmacy negligence attorneys are available to pursue damages against the people that are responsible for your lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering.

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