What Is A Blunt Trauma Pancreatic Injury?

Illusrtation of human pancreas in a manIllusrtation of human pancreas in a man

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The pancreas is an organ found in the back of the abdomen behind the stomach. One part of the pancreas is connected to the small intestine through a small tube called the pancreatic duct. The other end of the pancreas, called the tail, extends to the left side of the body.

The function of the pancreas is to secrete into the small intestine enzymes or digestive juices to help further break down food after it has exited the stomach. The pancreas is also responsible for producing insulin and secretes it into the bloodstream to regulate the body’s glucose or sugar level.

What Causes A Blunt Trauma Pancreatic Injury?

Injuries to the pancreas are not common. The pancreas is protected by many other organs. If the pancreas is injured due to blunt trauma, other organs in the area are injured as well. A motor vehicle accidentworkplace accident, or fall are common ways blunt trauma to the pancreas occurs.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Blunt Trauma Pancreatic Injury?

Because the pancreas is usually not the only organ injured in the abdomen when blunt trauma to the pancreas occurs, the symptoms are combined with the other affected organs. Nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, and signs of shock are the most common symptoms. If leakage of the digestive enzymes occurs, there can be significant abdominal pain and bloating from irritation of the abdominal cavity lining.

How Is A Blunt Trauma Pancreatic Injury Diagnosed?

There are many diagnostic tests that help medical doctor’s diagnosis and treat pancreatic injuries or conditions. Among the tests conducted are a physical examination, CT scans, MRIs, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), ultrasound, sweat chloride tests, and blood tests.

How Is A Blunt Trauma Pancreatic Injury Treated?

Injuries to the pancreas are usually discovered when surgery is being performed on another abdominal organ. The two biggest concerns are active bleeding scenarios and any ductal injuries. If these two conditions are present, the bleeding is stopped and ducts repaired surgically. Digestive juices are collected and drained with a needle to minimize the possibility of infection.

Compensation For A Blunt Trauma Pancreatic Injury

If you have experienced abdominal discomfort after suffering from blunt trauma to the abdomen after a traumatic incident or a car crash, you may have injured your pancreas. Make sure you are examined and diagnosed by a medical doctor immediately. You may be able to pursue compensation for damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent injury or disability, costs of physical therapy and rehabilitation, lost wages from missed work, diminished earning capacity, mental anguish and emotional distress, punitive damages, and/or property damage or loss.

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