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Rear-end car accidents are one of the most frequently occurring types of car accidents. A rear-end crash occurs when the front-end of one car drives into the back end of another car. Some 30 percent of all traffic accident injuries result from rear end accidents. Rear-end accidents can occur when a car is tailgating or following the lead car too closely. Generally, a driver should maintain one car lengths worth of distance between his or her automobile and the one in front of him or her for every ten miles per hour or travel speed. So a driver going 70 miles per hour should keep 7 cars lengths worth of distance between his/her car and the car he/she is following.

A great deal of rear-end accidents occur when one car is stopped at a red light, or intersection of some kind, and a car approaching the intersection in the same lane from the rear doesn’t slow to a stop in time to avoid contact with the car that is already stopped. This scenario can result in a devastating crash just as it can in a fender bender.

Serious Injuries Can Occur Even At Low Speeds

Insurance companies are often quick to dismiss claims for personal injuries resulting from this mild impact rear-end fender bender type accidents. They are more inclined to be dismissive if the accident resulted in minor visible damage to the car.  However, serious injuries can still arise from rear-end car crashes that don’t occur at high rates of speed or cause major vehicle damage. Even the mildest car accidents can result in life-altering injuries.

Often victims of these mild impact car accidents that occur in parking lots or at an intersection don’t feel the need to seek medical treatment the day of the accident. It may take time — later that night, next morning, or next week — for someone to realize the true extent of their injuries.

Types Of Rear-End Car Accident Injuries

  • Whiplash, Neck, Shoulder and Back injuries: The mildest collisions can cause neck injuries. The soft tissue in the neck area is susceptible to quick, forced, whiplash type movements. Herniated or bulging disk and nerve impingement are other injuries that can result.
  • Wrist and Hand Injuries: An operator of a car involved in a rear-end accident may have a chance to observe a motor vehicle in his or her rear view mirror before it crashes into his/her rear-end. In an attempt to brace for the impact instinct will cause the driver to clinch the steering wheel to brace for the impact. Absorbing the force of that impact in your wrists and hands can result in wrist and finger strains, sprains and breaks. Such an injury is all the more serious if your employment or favorite hobbies rely heavily on the use of your hands and wrists.
  • Seat Belt and Air bag Injuries: A seat belt is a safety device but the impact of the collision could result in the seat belt causing chest and stomach bruising or lacerations. Contact with a deploying airbag could result in a broken nose, cheek, jaw or tooth, or serious cuts and lacerations.
  • Leg and Ankle Injuries: these rear-end accidents can cause the legs and ankles to slam into dash board or the front seat for those passengers that are in the back seat when the accident occurs. This can also result in strains, sprains or breaks.

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The physical and emotional trauma that results from a car accident can be devastating. This stressful situation is often exacerbated by the confusion and aggravation that comes when dealing with the insurance companies after the accident. You may begin to question whether or not you will ever receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. You likely have many questions, some being:

These are all real questions and concerns. However, auto and medical insurance policies often complicate matters. That is why it is important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer. We will deal with all the insurance providers and medical providers to make sure all your medical bills get paid. We will also work to build a case against the responsible driver’s and his or her insurance company to insure that you are compensated for your pain and suffering. Our Brockton office is conveniently located right off of Route 27.