Target Injury Lawyer—Slip and Fall Accident

Target is a massive big-box retail store chain with with almost 2,000 stores located throughout the United States. Target has over 50 stores in Massachusetts alone. This is a large multi-national company that employs hundreds of thousands of employees all over the world. The only retailer larger than Target is Walmart.

Target is not your typical big-box retail store. Most Big-Box stores like Walmart and Kmart build large single floor warehouse type structures that allow them to operate a self-service retail warehouse type model. These ‘big box’ stores line the aisles with large shelving units. Forklifts drive into the store with huge pallets of merchandise stacked as high as possible. These pallets are then dropped off in an aisle or loaded onto shelves.

Target has deviated greatly from this big-box model. Most of their stores have multiple floors which allows them to operate stores in city and other urban locations where space is limited. Customers access the various floors using escalators, elevators and stairs. Unique escalations are also able to transport shopping carts from floor to floor.

The following are some of the more common causes of injuries that occur at Target stores:

  • Bad lighting creating poor visibility;
  • Defective flooring;
  • The presence of debris on the floor;
  • Worn, frayed or torn carpeting;
  • Defective shopping carts;
  • Spoiler or tainted food causing food poisoning;
  • Pharmacy medication errors;
  • Product defects; and
  • Vehicle backover accidents involving pedestrians in the parking lot.

Proving Your Case in Slip and Fall Accidents in Target Stores

Most injuries that occur in Target are the result of slip and fall accidents and most slip and fall accidents are caused by a foreign substances on the floor. For example, clear or colorless substances including water, cleaning fluids, and other liquids that are wet or slippery are especially hazardous to customers.

In order to receive fair compensation for your injuries, you have to prove Target is responsible for your injuries.

Businesses like Target owe their customers and members of the public a duty to maintain their premises in reasonably safe conditions. This means they need to take reasonable steps to ensure the floors are clean and clear of any foreign or wet substances. Your attorney must prove the following:

  1. Target either knew or should have known there was a wet, slippery or dangerous condition on the floor
  2. Target did not take reasonable steps to fix, repair or limit exposure to the dangerous condition
  3. And as a result you sustained injuries

For example Target has a duty to place visible and easily comprehensible warning signs in the vicinity of any section of flooring they recently washed or mopped. In this situation Target is aware of the fact that the floors are wet and slippery and therefore must take steps to warn unsuspecting members of the public. They also have a duty to regularly inspect the premises for the presence of any hazardous conditions. While Target might not be responsible for an accident caused by a spilled coffee that had only been on the floor for 30 seconds they would be responsible if the spilt coffee that caused the accident had been on the floor so long that target should have know about it and cleaned it up.

Target should be held accountable if they failed their duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition and that failure caused an injury. In this situation Target should be have to pay for any lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and disability.

Target Slip and Fall Accident Claims Personal Injury Attorneys

Profit and the bottom line are often the priority for a company the size of Target. Any company that puts itself above others can cut corners to increase profit and as a result expose people to unreasonable safety risks. If you were seriously injured in an accident at Target in their store, parking lot, or anywhere on their property you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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Target Slip and Fall Accident Claims Personal Injury Attorneys

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Example List of Target Locations in Massachusetts Where Injuries May Occur