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Every year hundreds of Massachusetts residents suffer back injuries. These injuries are caused in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and slip and fall accidents. A back injury can have a serious effect on your overall quality of life and your ability to get or keep a job. Most back injuries involve muscles, tendons, ligaments or discs located in the spinal column. Most of back injuries are located in the cervical spine region (the area consisting of the vertebrae that run from the base of the skull down to the shoulder blades) and lumbar spine region (the area consisting of the vertebrae that run from the middle of the back down to the tailbone.)

There are many types of back and spine injuries, including:

No two back injuries are alike. Some back injuries might heal over the course of a few months and others might last a lifetime resulting in chronic pain, permanent muscle weakness, lack of mobility, or numbness and sharp radiating pain into the extremities.

Long lasting complications can follow if the injury isn’t treated properly or the true extent of the injury isn’t discovered until months or years after the accident. Some back injuries cannot be diagnosed with an x-rays and as a result can go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for long periods of time. In some cases the nature and severity of a back injury may not be revealed until months or sometimes years after an accident. That is why it is imperative to make sure you get the right medical treatment. A thorough medical examination by a primary care doctor or orthopedic doctor is usually best. Most of the time emergency room physician will order x-rays which are good for diagnosing bone fractures. However, some x-rays are incapable of diagnosing bulging or herniated discs, strains and sprains and other types of back injuries. That is why it is important to have a personal injury attorney that understands this and that is on the lookout for these issues.

Serious back injuries can require ongoing medical treatment years into the future. A long lasting back injury can result in large ongoing medical expenses, chronic pain, missed work and loss of income. Back injury claims and litigation are highly complex and usually take a very long time to resolve. To receive compensation for your past and future lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering you will need an injury lawyer that is familiar with back injury law and the back injury claims process.

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