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Utility workers provide services in many industries; they work for cable companies, heating and cooling (HVAC) companies, telephone companies, natural gas companies, electric companies, water departments, and a variety of other companies. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that the utility industry has an injury rate of 2.4%. Attorney Gerald J Noonan has helped many injured workers obtain the compensation and results that they deserve.

Accidents Utility Workers

Utility workers are injured in a variety of ways while on the job, but some of the most common ways in which these workers are harmed usually involve the following:

  • Back injuries from lifting heavy equipment
  • Car accidents due to transportation to or between jobs
  • Electrocution and burn injuries from contact with live wires/powerlines
  • Exposure to hazardous gases
  • Falls from ladders, telephone poles, trees

Oour experienced legal counsel will remain committed to making sure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Utility Workers Who Pursue Compensation

In Massachusetts, injured workers are covered by workers compensation insurance regardless of how many hours a week they work or their citizenship status. Some of the benefits that workers can obtain include temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, medical bills, and other forms of compensation. Often, the amount of compensation that is received is based on the degree to which a person is injured as well the injured worker’s average weekly wage.

If you have been injured at work and believe that your employer is not providing you with all the benefits you deserve, contact our worker comp lawyers today and we can initiate a claim with the Department of Industrial Accidents. In these situations, an experienced work injury attorney can be particularly helpful in obtaining the compensation that you deserve and making sure that your rights are protected.

Safety Tips for Utility Workers

The following are some of the safety tips that utility workers should follow in order to reduce the risk of utility work accidents:

  • Keeping electrical equipment away from wet surfaces
  • If storms are approaching, take this into consideration when working
  • Paying attention to your surroundings, particularly the presence of power lines

These tips will not eliminate the risk of a utility worker accident, but will greatly reduce the chances of one occurring.

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