Construction workers face a high risk of serious injury on a daily basis. Everyday construction workers are injured at residential work-sites, commercial work-sites and industrial job-sites. The responsible party can be the property owner, general contractor or subcontractor depending on the facts of the case.

Construction site accidents often result in serious injuries that leave injured workers with permanent disabilities, amputations, blindness/vision loss or hearing loss, scarring, internal injuries and organ damage, broken or fractured bones and traumatic brain injuries. In many cases medical bills pile up and lost wages are incurred due to extended periods of disability.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Construction Site Accident, Here’s Why You Need An Attorney

It is important to hire an experienced construction accident attorney as soon as possible. Often times these accident are very complicated, and there can be many potential causes for the accident. That is why an immediate investigation is need in order to preserve all the evidence. The evidence tells the story of who is responsible (contractor or subcontractor). Witnesses need to be tracked down and their statements need to be recorded soon after the accident because memories fade as time passes. It is also important for your attorney to contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) so they can undertake an official investigation.

Some of the most common types of OSHA construction accidents include the following:

  • Electrocution. Electrocution accidents occur when a worker comes into contact with a live electric current. In many cases, these accidents can result in serious injuries and even fatalities.
  • Equipment Run-Over Accidents. There are a number of pieces of heavy equipment that can seriously harm construction workers including conveyors, cranes, hoists, forkliftsbackhoesskid steers and Bobcats, tractors.
  • Work Tools. Constructions tools can cause serious injuries resulting in welding accidentstable saw accidentsnail gun accidentspunch press accidents and lathe accidents
  • Explosions. The combination of dangerous chemicals, as well as natural gas, propane,  acetylene and natural gas line ruptures can cause explosions at work sites. Exposure to hazardous chemicals can also cause serious injuries.
  • Falling Objects & Debris. Workers who are struck by falling tools, objects or debris can be seriously injured or even killed. Often times objects and debris falls from roofs, scaffolding and workers up on ladders.
  • Falls from Heights. When scaffolding or ladders fail to operate properly, construction workers can fall from great heights. These accidents can cause serious injuries.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents. Slip and fall accidents are very common at construction sites and often have catastrophic consequences.

Our Brockton workers’ compensation attorneys are able to secure the following benefits for injured workers and their families when workers sustain injuries for accidents that occur within the scope of employment:

  • Section 35- Temporary Partial Disability: these benefits are provided if the work injury has reduced the workers earning capacity by limiting to type of work or amount of work the injured employee can perform. Partial disability workers’ compensation benefits entitle injured workers to 60% of the wages they would have earned from their job if they did not get injured. These benefits are paid weekly for up to 260 weeks. The maximum compensation cannot exceed 75% of the workers temporary total disability pay rate.
  • Section 34- Temporary Total Disability Benefits: these benefits are provided if the injury has left the employee physically incapable of working. Temporary Total Disability workers’ compensation benefits entitle the injured worker to 60% of the wages they would have earned from their job if they did not get injured. These benefits are paid weekly and can be paid for up to 156 weeks or 3 years;
  • Section 34A-Permanent & Total Disability Benefits: These benefits are provided if the injury has left the worker permanently unable to perform any type of work. Total Disability workers’ compensation benefits entitle injured workers 66.66% of their average weekly wage;
  • Section 36-Scarring, Disfigurement and Loss of Function Benefits: These benefits are payable if the injury is permanent. Benefits for scarring are only available for scars on the hands, neck and face. This is a one time lump sum payment and the amount depends on the type of injury;
  • Death Benefits for Surviving Spouse: The injured worker’s husband or wife are entitled to 66.67% of the deceased workers average weekly wage for 250 weeks. They can also qualify for benefits beyond 250 weeks.

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