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A charge of vehicular homicide can be very difficult to prove to a judge or jury, and is also somewhat controversial. Massachusetts law distinguishes between two types of vehicular homicide:

  • Motor vehicle homicide, which requires that the suspect operated his vehicle recklessly or negligently; or
  • Motor vehicle homicide under the influence, which requires both reckless or negligent driving and proof that the suspect was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As you might expect, the latter charge carries the greater penalty: motor vehicle homicide can land you in jail for 30 months, while motor vehicle homicide under the influence carries a maximum prison term of 15 years.

What makes vehicular homicide so controversial is the publicity and public outcry that often surround deadly vehicular accidents when the driver, passenger or pedestrian who died was entirely not at fault. In the past, many such events would have been classified as unavoidable accidents, and the offending driver given a relative slap on the wrist (a suspended license, say, or forced enrollment in an AA program). Today, if you’re the driver at fault for a deadly vehicular accident, you’re more likely to find yourself charged with vehicular homicide, even if there are extenuating circumstances or you were not drunk or under the influence of drugs.

If what occurred was essentially an unfortunate accident, and not something more sinister, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan can help you fight charges of vehicular homicide. Call the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan for a free consultation at 508-588-0422. Representing the residents of Plymouth County including Brockton, Abington, Bridgewater, Whitman, Hanson, Hingham, Wareham, Halifax, Middleborough, Rockland, Lakeville, Holbrook, Avon, Kingston, Pembroke, Plympton, Pembroke, Hanover, Carver, Duxbury, Marshfield, Norwell, Hanover, Scituate, East/West Bridgewater, Rochester, Marion, Mattapoisett.

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