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One of the less common murder charges (or pleas) is voluntary manslaughter.

Voluntary manslaughter is a murder committed in retaliation for what Massachusetts law calls a “reasonable provocation” — the issue at stake being just what constitutes “reasonable” in a particular situation.

If you or your loved one committed homicide in response to a mere insult, this usually doesn’t rise to the standard of voluntary manslaughter (the rare exceptions may be ethnic slurs, or remarks implying an immediate threat to the perpetrator or his loved ones.)

Voluntary manslaughter is not the same thing as murder in self-defense, in which the suspect is found to be justified in his actions because his life and safety were immediately at stake.

One important condition for pleading to voluntary manslaughter is that the homicide was committed in the heat of the moment and in a state of extreme emotional distress. If the target of a violent insult or attack has had time to cool off, and then returns to the scene to do away with the instigator, this will usually be treated by the district attorney as second- (or possibly first-) degree murder, which requires evidence of “malice aforethought” and/or “deliberate premeditation” on the part of the suspect.

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