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Elbow Tendons And Muscle InjuriesElbow Tendons And Muscle InjuriesThe biceps muscles and tendons are located at the front upper arm. The biceps helps stabilize the elbow, bend the arm and rotate the forearm.

The elbow is comprised of three main bones. The humerus (upper arm bone), ulna (large forearm bone) and radius (small forearm) all merge to form the elbow joint. The end of the ulna forearm bone (also known as the Olecranon) meets and connects with the end of the radius forearm bone (radial head or proximal radius). The connected forearm bones then connect to the bottom end of the arm bone (distal humerus).

Tendons connect the biceps muscle to the forearm. A distal biceps tear at the elbow occurs when the tendon connecting the bicep to the radius forearm bone ruptures.

A biceps muscle will not grow back after it tears away from the forearm bone. Someone with a torn lower bicep will have to rely on other muscles to help stabilize the elbow, bend the arm and rotate the forearm. A torn lower biceps can result in a 30% reduction in elbow bending strength and a 40% reduction in forearm rotation strength. We rely heavily on our biceps and a lower biceps tear can have a serious impact on our day-to-day lives.

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