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Bone Fractures In The ElbowBone Fractures In The ElbowMotor vehicle accidents are an everyday occurrence in our society. Over the years vehicle manufacturers have increased safety standards by enhancing automobile crash-worthiness. However, dangerous roads, conditions and negligent and careless drivers still remain. It is important to realize that the upper body including the arms and head are the most injured body parts. Car accidents create a tremendous amount of tension on the bones and joint of the arms. This is especially the case when a vehicle operator braces the steering wheel moments before impact.

The elbow joint is especially susceptible to injury. The bones of the upper arm come together with the bones of the forearm to form the elbow joint. Tremendous amounts of force are generated in car accidents. This force places an extreme amount of tension on the arms especially when the arms are holding the steering wheel tight in an attempt to brace for impact moments before the crash. This force is often too much for the elbow to withstand. The elbow usually gives way under this pressure and fractures. Also, side impact collisions can crush vehicle doors inward so that they come in contact with the side of driver or passenger’s body. The impact between the displaced door and the arm and elbow can generate enough force to fracture the elbow.

The elbow joint is formed by the the radius, ulna and humerus bones. The following are three types of elbow fractures.

  • Anterior and posterior olecranon fractures: the classic broken elbow.
  • Distal humerus fracture: a fracture in the bottom arm bone that runs from the shoulder to the elbow.
  • Radial head fracture: a fracture in the top of the arm bone that runs from the wrist to the elbow joint

Symptoms And Treatment For Broken/Fractured Elbows

Pain, swelling and the inability to bend the arm at the elbow joint are indicators of a broken elbow. If you are presented with any of these symptoms after an accident then you should seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes the elbow joint will make a loud pop sound when it breaks under extreme pressure. If you or someone in the vehicle happened to hear this popping sound then get to the doctor as quickly as possible.

Once at the hospital the doctor can order x-rays to determine the nature and extent of the elbow injury. If the elbow has suffered a sprain or hyperextension injury then a sling that immobilizes the joint might be the only thing that is needed. However, if there is a serious fracture then surgery may be required in order the realign the bones that form the joint. The surgery usually requires pins, plates, bolts/screws. If the elbow impacts the inside of the car suffering a direct blow then pieces of the bone may break off and go missing. If this is the case then the surgeon will apply bone filler in order to replace the lost bone. Such surgery usually is followed by a long rest and recovery period followed by physical therapy. In some case the patient might not regain full strength or range of motion.

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