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Massachusetts has two categories of larceny. The two categories are based on the value of the goods, property, or money reported stolen. Larceny under $1,200 is a misdemeanor crime dealing with items that are less than $1,200 in value. Larceny over $1,200 is a felony dealing with items that are more than $1,200 in value. However, it is a felony to commit a larceny from an elderly or disable person if the amount stolen exceeds $250.

Criminal Penalties For Larceny Crimes

Misdemeanor larceny convictions can result in a one year jail sentence and a fine of up to $300 if the property stolen is less than $1,200 in value. A felony larceny over $1,200 conviction can result in a 5 year jail sentence and a fine of up to $25,000.

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Defense Against Felony Larceny

A good larceny defense lawyer will contest the value of the goods allegedly stolen. Often times the prosecution will try to find a way to stretch the value of the goods stolen in an attempt to increase a larceny under $1,200 charge into a larceny over $1,200 charge. A larceny over $1,200 charge can be reduced to a larceny under $1,200 charge if your lawyer can show the police miscalculated the value of the goods, or owner of the stolen goods misstated or lied about the actual value of the goods. However, in order to protect your rights you need an attorney that knows to lookout for these issues.

Having a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor is a big win. Once the felony has been bumped down to a misdemeanor it will be easier to have the charges dropped or the case dismissed. However, there are times when taking the case to trial is the best option. Our attorneys are available seven days a week to meet with you and go over all your options.

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A conviction for either larceny over $1,200 or under $1,200 carries serious consequences. A larceny theft conviction can impact your life in several ways. A conviction can follow you years down the road and make it hard to get or keep a job, get in school, find an apartment or secure a loan.

If you’ve been accused of any type of theft crime, including grand larceny or petit larceny, our Brockton, MA criminal defense attorneys may be able to have the charges dismissed outright, or, in many cases, plead down the felony or misdemeanor to something less serious.

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If you have been charged with buying or receiving stolen goods, stealing a car, pawning stolen items, or any other larceny theft crime in Massachusetts, the criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan may be able to plead down your case with the district attorney, or have the charges dismissed pending a period of probation. Restitution of the value of the property will also go a long way toward having a larceny conviction erased from your record, or not having it entered there in the first place.

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