Norfolk County Felony, Juvenile Crimes, OUI/DUI, Misdemeanor Charges Defense

The Walpole Criminal Defense Lawyers at The Noonan Defense Firm represent and defend residents from Walpole facing charges including, but not limited to violent crimes charges like assault and battery, indent assault, home invasion, Massachusetts OUI/DUI drunk driving charges, larceny by check thefts, robbery, burglary, weapons charges and drug crimes ranging from drug possession to drug possession with intent to distribute.

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Have you been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol, liquor or drugs? Do you want to find a way to keep your driver’s license?

Then it is important that you do not make the mistake of waiting to speak with an attorney about your case. The sooner you contact us for a free initial consultation, the sooner we can help with your defense. An experienced and aggressive Walpole criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Gerald J. Noonan has earned a reputation in the legal community as an attorney that relentlessly defends area clients with drug charges and drunk driving OUI charges.

OUI is frequently committed in our state. Police are on the lookout for anyone exhibiting any signs of intoxication. A first time OUI is a misdemeanor offense but it carries serious legal consequences ranging from a loss of license to court ordered alcohol treatment. The Walpole DUI lawyers at The have defended clients charged with first or repeat OUI/DUI. Our DUI defense lawyers will attack the breath test results and look carefully at the field sobriety tests the police performed.

Walpole OUI / DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys You Can Count On

For simple misdemeanor charges or complex felony offenses, you will need an experienced Walpole criminal defense lawyer that knows the criminal process. Attorney Noonan is a former prosecutor with 30 years of legal and trial experience. He has handled thousands of cases and he has the experience you want to take in the courtroom with you when facing any criminal charge. Most attorneys don’t have the courtroom experience that Attorney Noonan has. Bring this experience into the courtroom with you and you rest assured that your rights will be defended. Call your Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer today at (508)584-6955 and ask for your free initial legal consultation.