Every year, approximately 300,000 criminal cases are filed in Massachusetts courts. Wareham and surrounding parts of Massachusetts are home to many aggressive prosecutors, and the stakes are high if you are facing criminal charges in state or federal court. That is why it is crucial that you secure the help of an experienced and determined legal team.

The Wareham criminal defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan have more than 30 years of experience representing people who face criminal charges. We understand the far-reaching effects that accusations and convictions have on defendants and their families.

Our attorneys are prepared to fight for clients dealing with a wide variety of criminal allegations. We have a thorough knowledge of the Massachusetts’ criminal laws. You can rest assured that you have the quality representation you need for your case.

Our tireless advocacy has helped countless people just like you reach fair outcomes after arrests in Wareham and throughout Massachusetts. We have successfully negotiated reduced charges, not-guilty verdicts or case dismissals in Massachusetts criminal courts.

We stand ready to take immediate action on your case. Call or text us today or contact us online now to get started with your free consultation.

How Can We Help You?

Our law firm’s criminal defense attorneys have obtained reduced charges or dismissals for people who have been arrested in Wareham, MA. Our goal is to help you find the best possible solutions to your legal troubles.

The cases our criminal defense lawyers can handle include:

  • Drug crimes, including illegal possession, distribution or prescription drug charges
  • Sex crimes and violent crimes, such as assault or homicide charges
  • Weapons charges, including unlawful possession or armed robbery
  • Theft charges, such as shoplifting or burglary
  • White-collar crimes, including embezzlement or fraud charges
  • Traffic offenses, including DUI and intoxicated driving charges
  • Juvenile crimes and Department of Children & Families (DCF) investigations
  • Misdemeanor charges, felony charges, and immigration issues
  • Grand jury indictments, warrants, court arraignments and petitions to seal
  • Clerk’s hearings, criminal appeals and post-conviction relief
  • Probation violations and restraining order violations

Unexpected criminal charges can leave your future in serious personal and financial jeopardy. The legal experience of a skilled attorney with a trusted track record can help ease the pressure of these challenges.

Act now to ensure you have skilled representation to protect yourself and those who depend on you.

What to Do If You Have Been Arrested in Wareham

If you have been arrested, you may feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and anxiety about the police investigation. Our legal team has helped clients steer clear of damaging legal mistakes and false accusations. The advice we frequently offer defendants to help them avoid a conviction includes:

  • Do not resist, run from, or fight with police. Even if you are innocent of any other crime, resisting arrest or assaulting an officer can lead to other criminal charges. Avoid touching or confronting officers in any way.
  • Do not consent to any searches by police. Be polite, but do not permit police officers to search your phone, your car or other belongings. Do not allow them inside your home or apartment. Meet them outside unless they present a valid warrant.
  • Try to remember names or ID numbers. The names, badge numbers or patrol car numbers of the officers you interact with may become important later. This is especially true if suspicious circumstances surround your arrest.
  • Do not discuss your case with cellmates. If you are in custody, it is possible that any conversations you have can be overheard by the police or your cellmates. Those conversations may be used against you.
  • Do not discuss your case over the phone. Most calls placed in local police stations and jails are recorded. The cases of many defendants have been harmed by admissions or incriminating statements made on the phone to friends or family.
  • Ask for an attorney and remain silent. Anything you say during arrest or questioning can be incriminating. It is wise to remain silent. Clearly state your intention to remain silent until you have a lawyer present.

Why You Need to Speak to a Wareham Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

When criminal cases are filed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, teams of police officers and prosecutors may work together to have you convicted in court. Facing this kind of legal pressure may feel daunting, but it does not have to be. Stand up for your rights with The Law Offices of Gerald J. Noonan on your side.

A Wareham criminal defense attorney from our firm may be able to resolve your case before charges are filed in court. Our legal team can also help you by:

  • Offering realistic and honest advice about your legal situation
  • Communicating with police and prosecutors on your behalf
  • Accessing resources like investigators and expert witnesses
  • Collecting supporting evidence and witness statements
  • Defending you in court, if you have been formally charged
  • Establishing strong case strategies and arguments for trial
  • Negotiating fair settlements, sentencings, or plea bargains
  • Filing appeals in court, in the event of an unfavorable outcome

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